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What is the Payment Verification Process?

International new customers maybe notified in regards to a Payment Verification Process. This process is applied to NEW INTERNATIONAL ORDERS or for orders that are triggered by our system as possible fraudulent transactions. Orders that do not provide the necessary information will be kept in processing until we are to hear back from the customer.

There will be a slight delay in the processing of International orders, but we at Jiu Jitsu Pro Gear will try to process them as soon as possible. We value our customers and we found that this procedure not only protects our Company, but also customers from fraudulent activities against their payment cards and bank accounts. We will need to complete this process and confirm the validity of a purchase, before shipping an order.

***NOTE: This is a "ONE TIME PROCEDURE" for new international customers only. Once an international payment is verified, it will be noted on the customer's account and from then on customer will no longer need to go through this process for future orders.

Why do we need to verify your information?

Our website’s billing system uses AVS (Address Verification System) to confirm the legitimacy of a transaction . When a order is placed with a non-US origin Payment Card, the AVS is unable to determine the validity of this purchase; therefore, we must validate the order ourselves. This may occur whenever we are to receive any orders from most countries outside of the United States.
AVS is supported only in the United States, US territories, parts of Canada, Australia and the United Kingdom.

How will this process work?

After order is placed, our staff will begin processing it.
During processing, the authorized payment amount of the order will be collected, then a credit or refund will be issued to customer's payment card on file.
Customer will be notified via email and required to confirm the exact amount that was credited or refunded to the payment account.
Once customer confirms the credit or refund amount issued by us, the order will continue through processing and will ship promptly.

For payments made via PAYPAL, this procedure may not be necessary if the PAYPAL account holder's shipping address is verified by PAYPAL.

For any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us:

Phone Number: (725) 223-4916


Office Hours: Mondays through Fridays 10AM to 6PM PST